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Trump's Wahlversprechen

Here are 282 of Donald Trump’s campaign promises.
By Jenna Johnson
November 28, 2016 
282 promises, collected from Trump’s speeches, public comments, tweets and campaign and transition websites.
Quelle: von Jenna Johnson (a political reporter who covers the White House. She spent more than than a year writing about Donald Trump's presidential campaign, traveling to 35 states to attend more than 170 political rallies and interview hundreds of Trump supporters.)

Hier sind weitere Artikel von Jenna Johnson in der Washington Post: Jenna Johnson Facebook-Seite:

{Trump's Wahlversprechen sind relevant, weil Trump und sein Team diese tatsächlich umsetzen wollen - als Programm für seine Präsidentschaft.
Ich habe die Liste aus dieser Quelle gefiltert und einige der Wahlversprechen gelöscht weil - aus meiner subjektiven Sicht - nicht so relevant für uns in Deutschland oder ganz offensichtlich völlig unkonkret oder sinnfrei. Die vollständige Liste kann sich ja jeder unter dem genannten Link ansehen. Hier zitierte Wahlversprechen wurden als solche nicht gekürzt; gekürzt wurde nur die Liste als solche. Die Lücken in der Aufzählung machen diese Kürzungen deutlich.}

  • 1. Create at least 25 million jobs and “be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”
  • 2. Bring back manufacturing jobs from China, Mexico, Japan and elsewhere. States that can expect a rush of jobs include Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, New York and Virginia.
  • 3. Encourage manufacturers to build or grow factories in the United States with tax incentives.
  • 9. Make the auto industry in Michigan “bigger and better and stronger than ever before.” Trump plans to return to the state each time a new factory or auto plant opens.

  • 28. Pass the Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act, which will reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to four and lower income taxes for all. The highest earners would pay a 25 percent tax. Individuals earning less than $25,000 per year or couples earning less than $50,000 would not be charged income tax, although they would have to file a one-page form with the IRS that states: “I win.”
  • 29. Lower the corporate tax rate to 15 percent and get rid of most corporate tax loopholes or incentives. Allow corporations a one-time window to transfer money being held overseas, charging a much-reduced 10 percent tax.
  • 31. “We are going to have the biggest tax cuts since Ronald Reagan.”

  • 33. On the first day in office, pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, President Obama’s signature trade deal linking countries around the Pacific Rim.
  • 34. Negotiate trade deals with individual countries instead of regions. Trump would gather together the “smartest negotiators in the world” and assign them each a country. Billionaire hedge fund manager Carl Icahn would be in charge of trade negotiations with China and Japan.
  • 35. Identify all foreign trading abuses that affect American workers and “use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately.” This would include cracking down on “sweatshops in Mexico that undercut U.S. workers.”
  • 36. Impose new taxes on imports into the country from companies that used to be based in the United States. Trump’s most frequently cited number is 35 percent.
  • 37. Impose a 45 percent tariff on Chinese products imported into the United States.

  • 38. “We will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world.” Grow the nation’s economy by at least 4 percent per year, although Trump has also suggested he will boost growth to at least 6 percent per year — if not much higher.
  • 39. Eliminate the $19 trillion national debt within eight years by “vigorously eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government, ending redundant government programs and growing the economy to increase tax revenues.”
  • 40. Never default on this debt, as the United States can “print the money” or renegotiate the amount owed with creditors, as the self-described “king of debt” has done with his private businesses.
  • 41. Cut the budget by 20 percent by simply negotiating better prices or renegotiating existing deals.
  • 42. Implement the “Penny Plan,” which each year would reduce net spending by 1 percent of the previous year’s total. Over 10 years, Trump says, this would reduce spending by almost $1 trillion. Defense and public safety spending would be exempt.
  • 43. Immediately institute a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce the workforce through attrition. There would be exceptions for those in the military, public safety and public health.
  • 44. Order every federal government department head to “provide a list of wasteful spending projects that we can eliminate in my first 100 days.” Review each agency and then decrease the size of the “bloated government,” making it “leaner and more responsive to the public.”
  • 49. Dismantle the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which aims to prevent the excessive risk-taking that led to the financial crisis and was signed into law by Obama in 2010.

  • 50. Issue a moratorium on new federal regulations that are not compelled by Congress or public safety. For every new regulation that is added, two existing regulations must be eliminated. And those new regulations must pass this test: Is this regulation good for the American worker?
  • 51. Order agency and department heads to identify all “needless job-killing regulations” and then remove them.

  • 52. “Completely repeal” the Affordable Care Act and replace it with something “terrific” that is “so much better, so much better, so much better.” Americans will have “great health care at a fraction of the cost.” Trump plans to call Congress into a special session to do this, which will likely be unnecessary.

  • 65. Fully fund the construction of an “impenetrable physical wall” along the southern border with Mexico. The wall will be one foot taller than the Great Wall of China and “artistically beautiful,” constructed of hardened concrete, rebar and steel. The wall might cover only about 1,000 miles of the nearly 2,000-mile border because of natural barriers, and Trump is open to using fencing in some places.
  • 66. Make Mexico pay for the wall, “100 percent.” If Mexico refuses, then the United States will impound remittance payments taken from the wages of undocumented immigrants, cut foreign aid, institute tariffs, cancel visas for Mexican business leaders and diplomats, and increase fees for visas, border-crossing cards and port use.
  • 67. “Charge Mexico $100,000 for every illegal that crosses that border because it’s trouble.”
  • 70. End “catch-and-release.” Anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed from the country.

  • 75. Immediately deport undocumented immigrants who have committed a crime, are a member of a gang or pose a security threat. Trump estimates this is 2 million to 3 million people, although experts say the number is much lower.
  • 76. Deport the millions of undocumented immigrants who are in the United States on an expired visa.
  • 77. Deport undocumented immigrants who are benefiting from government assistance programs such as food stamps or housing assistance.
  • 85. Allow “tremendous numbers” of legal immigrants based on a “merit system,” selecting immigrants who will help grow the country’s economy.
  • 89. Continue to allow lowly paid foreign workers to come to the United States on temporary work visas to pick grapes and work in seasonal resorts.

  • 98. Be unpredictable and keep all military strategy a secret. “No one is going to touch us, because I’m so unpredictable.”
  • 102. Strengthen the military so that it’s “so big and so strong and so great” that “nobody’s going to mess with us.”
  • 104. Modernize and renew the nuclear weapons arsenal.
  • 110. Develop a “state of the art” missile defense system and modernize naval cruisers to provide Ballistic Missile Defense capabilities. It will cost $220 million per modernization.
  • 112. Increase the U.S. military presence in the East and South China Seas.
  • 116. “I will not hesitate to deploy military force when there is no alternative. But if America fights, it must fight to win.”

  • 133. “A Trump administration will never ever put the interest of a foreign country before the interest of our country. From now on, it’s going to be America first.”
  • 134. Force other NATO countries to pay for more of their defense, and only come to the aid of other countries if those nations have “fulfilled their obligations to us.” In particular, Trump expects Germany, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to pay more for the security the United States provides.
  • 135. Call a summit with NATO allies and a separate summit with Asian allies to discuss “a rebalancing of financial commitments” and adopting new strategies, such as upgrading “NATO’s outdated mission and structure.”
  • 136. Get along with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I hope that we get along great with Putin because it would be great to have Russia with a good relationship.” Trump would also look into lifting the sanctions imposed on Russia after its annexation of Crimea.
  • 138. Stay out of the Syrian civil war. Although Trump considers Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “bad,” he has said the United States has higher priorities. Around the world, Trump has said, he prefers stability over regime changes.
  • 142. Be a “true friend to Israel.” Trump says the United States will “be working with Israel very closely, very, very closely.”

  • 146. Tear up the Iran deal and then “totally” renegotiate the whole thing.
  • 149. “Iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon and, under a Trump administration, will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.”

  • 150. “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country, and that’s what they’re doing.”
  • 151. Direct the secretary of the treasury to label China a currency manipulator.
  • 152. Instruct the U.S. trade representative to bring trade cases against China, both here and at the World Trade Organization. If necessary, apply tariffs against China consistent with Section 201 and 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 and Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.

  • 158. Allow Russia to deal with the Islamic State in Syria and/or work with Putin to wipe out shared enemies.
  • 160. “Bomb the s--- out of ISIS” and “knock them out.” Also bomb oil fields controlled by the Islamic State, then seize the oil and give the profits to military veterans who were wounded while fighting.
  • 162. Shut down parts of the Internet so that Islamic State terrorists cannot use it to recruit American children.
  • 163. Bring back waterboarding, which is widely considered torture, and use interrogation techniques that are “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” Even if such tactics don’t work, Trump says, suspected terrorists “deserve it anyway, for what they’re doing.” (Trump suggested after the election, however, that he was reconsidering his position because of a conversation with a general who opposed the tactic.)
  • 165. Temporarily ban most foreign Muslims from entering the United States “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Trump would allow exceptions for dignitaries, business people, athletes and others who have “proven” themselves. Although Trump’s aides, surrogates and running mate insist he no longer wants this so-called Muslim ban, Trump himself has yet to fully disavow the idea and it is still posted on his campaign website.
  • 166. Temporarily suspend “immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism.” Order the Department of State, Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to develop a list of regions and countries to include. The list will likely include Syria and Libya.

  • 174. Bar Syrian refugees from entering the country and kick out any who are already living here, as they might be “the ultimate Trojan horse.”
  • 177. Do not admit any refugees without the support of the local community where they will be placed.

  • 178. Gut, if not eliminate, the Environmental Protection Agency, which Trump has called a “disgrace.”
  • 179. Rescind all environmental executive actions signed by Obama.
  • 181. Eliminate the Clean Water Rule that defines the ”waters of the United States” and gives added protection to tributaries (=Zuflüsse) that impact the health of downstream waters.
  • 182. Scrap the Clean Power Plan, which reduces the amount of carbon pollution from power plants. Trump says this could save the country $7.2 billion per year.
  • 183. Oppose a carbon tax on fossil fuels use that could be used to reverse damage to the environment caused by the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • 184. Revoke restrictions on new drilling technologies and support “safe hydraulic fracturing” to create “millions of jobs.” Lease more federal land for drilling, including “vast areas of our offshore energy resources.”
  • 185. Ease federal regulations on coal mining to revive the industry. Eliminate Obama’s moratorium on new leases for coal mined from federal lands.
  • 186. Treat climate change like the “hoax” that Trump has said it is. (In a recent interview with the New York Times, Trump seemed to soften that position.)
  • 187. Cancel all funding for domestic and international climate change programs, which he estimates would total $100 billion over two terms. Trump would instead spend that money on domestic infrastructure projects.
  • 188. Pull out of the Paris Agreement, which was recently signed by 196 countries pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 189. Become the world’s dominant leader in energy production. Attain “complete American energy independence” so that the United States is no longer dependent on foreign oil.
  • 190. Lower energy prices for consumers.
  • 194. Ensure the country has “absolutely crystal clear and clean water” and “beautiful, immaculate air.”

  • 195. Spur the spending of $1 trillion in public and private dollars on infrastructure projects over 10 years. Invest in “transportation, clean water, a modern and reliable electricity grid, telecommunications, security infrastructure, and other pressing domestic infrastructure needs” without adding to the national debt.
  • 197. Provide tax incentives to encourage public-private partnerships.
  • 198. Employ incentive-based contracting to ensure projects are on time and on budget.
  • 199. Triple funding for revolving loan fund programs to help states and local governments upgrade drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.

  • 228. Rebuild and fix inner cities, especially Detroit. “The inner cities are unbelievably dangerous. The education is no good, the safety is horrible, and there are no jobs. And I tell everybody: ‘What the hell do you have to lose?’ I’m going to fix it.”
  • 231. Reduce the number of people receiving welfare.
  • 232. “And at the end of four years, I guarantee you that I will get over 95 percent of the African American vote. I promise you. Because I will produce.”

  • 260. “Open up our libel laws (Verleumdungsgesetze) so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.”

  • 269. Boost American agriculture by lessening environmental regulations and ensuring family farms aren’t double taxed.

  • 275. “The whole psyche [of the United States] will change” on Election Day.
  • 280. Bring back the American Dream. “Take the brand of the United States and make it great again.”
  • 281. “We will start winning again and winning like you’ve never seen before.”
  • 282. “Together we will make American wealthy and prosperous again. We will make America strong again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again.”

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Wahlthemen von Trump:

Quelle: Freitag, 03.03.2017, von Clemens Schmale, Finanzmarktanalyst,,5189522
"Erwähnt" bezieht sich auf Trump's Rede vor beiden Kammern des Kongresses im Febr. 2017
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Auf seiner eigenen Homepage hat Trump u.a. seine China-Positionen beschrieben.
Quelle: November 10, 2015,
1. Bring China to the bargaining table by immediately declaring it a currency manipulator.

2. Protect American ingenuity and investment by forcing China to uphold intellectual property laws and stop their unfair and unlawful practice of forcing U.S. companies to share proprietary technology with Chinese competitors as a condition of entry to China's market.

3. Reclaim millions of American jobs and reviving American manufacturing by putting an end to China's illegal export subsidies and lax labor and environmental standards. No more sweatshops or pollution havens stealing jobs from American workers.

4. Strengthen our negotiating position by lowering our corporate tax rate to keep American companies and jobs here at home, attacking our debt and deficit so China cannot use financial blackmail against us, and bolstering the U.S. military presence in the East and South China Seas to discourage Chinese adventurism.

Trump "South China Seas", im letzten Monat:*

Relevant auch mein Posting (dort Nr. 9 ) betr. South China Sea:

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„Trump ist eher ein nationaler Sozialist“


Was meinen Sie mit dem Begriff „nationaler Sozialist“?
Bei Trump reden wir über einen unverhüllten Nationalismus kombiniert mit einem Staatsinterventionismus und dem Bestreben, dass der Staat größere Kontrolle haben soll über die Wirtschaft, aber auch über die Gerichte und die Presse. Das ist rein formal betrachtet die Definition von nationalem Sozialismus. Natürlich ist es ein anderer Kontext als der deutsche, wo es die Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei gab. Aber wenn man sich ansieht, warum die Partei in den 1920er Jahren diese Bezeichnung wählte, dann ging es eben gerade darum, die Rechte und die Linke zu verbinden – etwas, dass der italienische Faschismus unter Mussolini auch tun wollte.
Aber was Trump mit diesen Ideologien verbindet ist weniger, wofür sie sind, als wogegen. Man sieht eine ähnliche Tendenz, den klassischen Liberalismus und die Institutionen der Demokratie zu missachten und schwächen zu wollen – Gerichte, die freie Presse, das Parlament. Es gibt eine Verachtung für die Idee der Herrschaft des Rechts, und eine Festlegung von Staatsbürgerschaft und Bürgerrechten anhand nationaler Identität. Die wiederum wird für Trump und seine Anhänger von der ethnischen Herkunft bestimmt, Deutsche hätten das „völkisch“ genannt.
Konservative und klassische Liberale fordern ja eher eine Beschränkung des Staatseinflusses.
Aber wo wäre in diesem Vergleich mit dem nationalen Sozialismus der sozialistische Aspekt?
Der Staatsinterventionismus. Der Wille, die Macht des Staates im Interesse nationalistischer Ziele auszudehnen. Der Wille, mit Staatsmitteln den Handel zu seinen Gunsten zu manipulieren – und dann den Handel zu nutzen, um andere Staaten oder „Feinde“ zu bestrafen. Das Ziel, staatliche Macht zu nutzen, um die Institutionen des Rechts und der Presse zu unterdrücken – überhaupt der Wille, die Macht des Staates auszuweiten, statt sie demokratisch zu kontrollieren.

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ein nationaler Sozialist?
Ist das dann eine NASI?
"Ein Spiel dauert 90 Minuten und am Ende gewinnt Deutschland!"
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