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USD/CHF dürfte langfristig steigen!

Seit der FED-Sitzung am 16.06. bis jetzt (18.06. 5:30 Uhr) sind am stärksten gefallen (1 = stärkster Abfall):
  1. AUD/USD
  2. CHF-USD
  3. EUR-USD
  4. 100 JPY-USD

The question now is whether the U.S. dollar’s gains are sustainable. Given how long investors have been waiting for the central bank to talk taper and how uncertain it was as to whether it would happen today, we see further gains in the U.S. dollar. The Fed’s optimism is a reflection of its belief that economic data will continue to improve in the coming months. The Swiss Franc was hit the hardest by the rally in the U.S. dollar followed by the euro. The European Central Bank avoided taper talk at its last meeting and that decision weighed heavily on EUR/USD’s performance on Wednesday. The Swiss National Bank meets tomorrow and, like the ECB, no consequential changes are expected.
Quelle: Are U.S. Dollar’s Post-FOMC Gains Sustainable?
By Kathy LienForex, Jun 16, 2021,


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