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China Longyuan Power Group

China Longyuan Power Group

China Longyuan Power Group Limited (SEHK: 916), or Longyuan Power, is the largest wind power producer in China and Asia.[1] It is mainly engaged in designing, developing, managing and operating wind power plants, and selling the electricity generated by its plants to its sole customers.[2] As of June 2013, the company had installed wind power plants with a total capacity of 10,661 MW.[3]

Longyuan Power is a partially owned subsidiary of the state-owned China Energy Investment, and is responsible for China Energy's renewable energy assets. It had a 24 percent share of China's wind power market in terms of total installed capacity as of the end of 2008. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as H share in December 2009 with an IPO price of HK$8.16 per share.[4]


Börse Tradegate, in €:

Der Monthly chart in €

gibt eine Warnung an die Bullen aus:
  1. Der Slow-Stoch ist oben (andere Indikatoren auch, 5 Kerzen schneiden dort das obere Bollingerband),
  2. es gab eine lange Dochtkerze oben
  3. Das Hoch hat so gut wie die 162er Extinktion erreicht.
Das einzigen Bullen-Argumente dort sind
  1. das Erreichen des 62er Retracements
  2. im daily + 4H-Chart sind die Indikatoren alle unten - abr der beginnende Abwärtstrendkanal wurde noch nicht nach oben verlassen.
Fazit: Erst einmal nur weiter beobachten, denn:
  1. Die SKS im €-Chart hat ein Kursziel von ca. 0,666€
  2. Dort liegt auch das 78,6% Retracement +
  3. dort liegt die untere Trendlinie seit dem Low am 22.06.20.

Das Low bei ca. 0,666€ bei China Longyuan Power Group sollte noch im März 2021 erreicht werden, potentiell als Einstieg für eine bullische Bewegung rauf von noch unlklarer Dauer und Weite.
Das könnte ggf. zeitlich übereinstimmen mit einem Korrektur-Low im Dow Jones Shanghai Index, ggf. Ende März, und zwar bei dessen 50% Retracement + einer dort liegenden starken Unterstützung.
Das würde zeitlich gut übereinstimmen mit einem Korrektur-Low bei Vestas bei ca. 121,59€ (162%-Extension).
Risiko: Diese Bewegung rauf könnte schon am 9.März bei 0,855€ am 62er gestartet sein.
€-Chart, 14 Tage:

Angehängte Charts in HKD, Quelle:
Angehängte Grafiken
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China leads world's biggest increase in wind power capacity

Developers built windfarms with a total capacity of almost 100GW in 2020, a rise of nearly 60% on previous year

By Jillian Ambrose Energy correspondent
Wed 10 Mar 2021 18.12 GMT,

China built more new windfarm capacity in 2020 than the whole world combined in the year before, leading to an annual record for windfarm installations despite the Covid-19 pandemic.
Most of the world’s new windfarms were built onshore, which more than offset a drop of 20% in the new wind power capacity built at sea.
Chinese renewable energy developers piled into the market before a looming cut-off for new wind power subsidies from the government, and demand is likely to slow next year.
China’s president, Xi Jinping, surprised UN delegates last year by announcing that the world’s fastest-growing economy would ensure that its emissions peaked within the next five years and declined to net zero by 2060.
But experts have warned that China’s 14th five-year plan, published this month, could lead to a rise in greenhouse gas emissions after it gave few details on how the world’s biggest emitter would meet its new climate targets.
China’s wind power surge was followed by a boom in the US, where developers built 16.5GW of new wind capacity last year, before the phase-out of a government tax credit scheme.
The surge in windfarm growth across China and the US also toppled Denmark’s Vestas from its place as the world’s biggest wind turbine maker for the first time in five years.

The company was usurped by US turbine firm GE and China’s Xinjiang Goldwind, which were the top two suppliers of turbines globally.
“GE and Goldwind claimed the top two spots in this year’s ranking by concentrating on the largest markets. This strategy may not be as fruitful in 2021 as subsidies lapse in those areas,” Edwards said. “Vestas takes on less market risk, with turbines commissioned in 34 countries last year.
Vestas hopes to become a leading player in the global offshore wind market by 2025 after agreeing to buy out Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ 50% stake in their joint venture, MHI Vestas.

Vergleich in €:

China Longyuan Power Group WKN: A0YFUR ISIN: CNE100000HD4
Xinjiang Goldwind Sc. & T. WKN: A1C0QD
General Electric, WKN: 851144 / ISIN: US3696041033







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